How can I keep my home secure? 

Your home should be a place where you feel secure and protected. Ensuring safety in your home means reducing the risk of accidents, injuries, or harm to yourself and your housemates. 

Point of Ingress 

Make sure doors are locked even when you are in your home. Open windows should be supervised.  


Don’t make yourself a target; keep valuable items out of sight. When you are not in your property, consider leaving a light on, or purchasing a plug timer so lights come on automatically. 

Protecting Data 

Data can be just as valuable as your personal possessions, yet it is often overlooked. Shred any documentation containing personal information before disposing of it. Ensure that all old bank cards are discarded of correctly. 


Familiarise yourself with the security measures in your home. Your property may have a burglar alarm, Anti-Snap Sold Secure Diamond Security locks, letterbox protectors, outdoor lights, and window restrictors.  

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