Bills Inclusive

Student life should be free of the extra hassle of bills so we are delighted to offer a bills inclusive package on any of our three-bed-plus Leeds student properties.

Unique to Pickard Properties is our unlimited gas, electric and water deal with our ‘bills included’ packages. We are just not fond of landing our tenants with extra usage bills at the end of their tenancy, unlike other local providers who choose to deliver nasty surprises when the time comes for them to move out.

All of the Leeds student accommodation on our website is advertised with the Like It package rent as well as the bills exclusive rent, but we have three packages for you to choose from –  Like it, Love It, and Gotta Have It.

Our Like It package offers you UNLIMITED gas, electric and water, up to 100 MB unlimited broadband, contents insurance including tenant liability and a 42 inch Smart TV.

Our Love It package offers you UNLIMITED gas, electric and water, up to 200 MB unlimited broadband, contents insurance including tenant liability, a TV licence, and a 42 inch Smart TV.

Our Gotta Have It package offers you UNLIMITED gas, electric and water, up to 300 MB unlimited broadband, contents insurance including tenant liability, a TV licence, a 42 inch Smart TV, and Netflix account for all tenants.

More about our bills inclusive perks

Smart TV

All our bills included Leeds student accommodation packages include a Smart TV — this is a 42 inch TV with built-in internet connectivity, allowing easy access to online services.


Yorkshire Water is the only supplier for this area and we look after all the bills and readings for this supply.

Gas & electric 

We seek out the best suppliers to provide our tenants with the best service on the market. The allowance for the use of gas and electric is unlimited in all of our student properties.

These allowances are generous but it is important that you and the other tenants in your home are sensible with your energy and water usage throughout your entire tenancy agreement. Please be as eco-friendly as possible.


Our broadband is provided by Virgin and the speed in your property will depend on which bills inclusive package you choose — the speed varies between up to 100 MB and 300 MB.

Virgin products offer unlimited downloads. Where Virgin is not available in an area, we’ll do our best to find an alternative that still has sufficient speed to cope with your demands.

Contents insurance inclusive of tenant liability

We have chosen Endsleigh to provide your contents insurance, which includes tenant liability. Our cover is therefore equivalent to that provided by many universities and we also offer up to £5,000 of cover. Included is cover for electrical items (such as mobile phones and laptops) as well as photography and musical equipment when it is inside the property.

Make sure you take the time to read through the the cover policy carefully if insurance is included in your package.

TV licence 

You need a TV licence even if you aren’t watching any of the basic TV channels but are watching streamed content or any online television and/or film subscriptions.  We provide one TV licence per rental property for the communal area, which is included in our Love it and Gotta Have It bills included packages.

Netflix Account

When signing up to our Gotta Have It package, tenants will receive voucher codes from us to activate their Netflix accounts.

Do you need to know more about bills inclusive?

When you have chosen your student accommodation, it is time to think about which bills inclusive package best suits your household.

You will be pleasantly surprised at the price of the deals we can offer you, and you will have peace of mind when it comes to budgeting. You will avoid all of the hassle of bills and dealing with utility providers, providing readings, etc. We’ll take care of everything for you.

Please contact us for full details, conditions, and pricing.