How do I clean the filter on my washing machine?

Turn off and unplug your washing machine. Find your washing machine filter – the filter will normally be in the bottom right corner on the outside of the washer. Remove the cover of your filter. Most covers can be removed by pulling it away from the machine. However, some washers come with childproof covers, which can be harder to remove.

Once the cover is removed ensure that you have a bowl/bucket to hand and a lot of towels. Once you remove the filter any water that is in the machine will flood out of the filter hole, once you can grab the cover, turn it counter-clockwise until you can remove it completely. Take out your filter. 

Once you have removed the cap to the filter, it will easily pull out of place. If it gets stuck, try to manipulate it by moving it around as much as you can. This should loosen up any lint or detergent that may be causing it to stick. Use a paper towel to remove any lint from the filter. Residue on the filter is caused by a build up of excess detergent mixed with lint. 

Inspect the inside of the machine for excess lint. If there is lint in the drum of the washer use a paper towel to remove it or scrub it with a wet sponge. Once you are certain your filter is free from all residue, go ahead and put it back in the machine.

Before resuming your regular washes, check to make sure that you have placed the filter and cover back on correctly by running it through a small cycle. Keep your washer empty while you run the cycle.

If your washer is leaking, the filter is not on correctly. If your washing machine is then failing to work up to specification, you will need to report it here. This will then get forwarded to the maintenance team who will be able to assist.