How do I dispose of refuse and unwanted items?

If you are looking to dispose of unwanted items and refuse responsibly there are several options available to you:

General refuse collection

Acquaint yourself with your refuse collection dates and what refuse is being collected (general waste, recycling, garden waste).

Check your bin collection days

Your outdoor bins are usually managed by your local council, and enquires about collection, or replacement bins can be directed to them.


Most councils, including Leeds City Council, can issue fines for refuse being disposed of incorrectly, or failure to put out or collect bins back in, in good time. Storing large items in yards, for example sofas or other non-outdoor furniture, can result in fines and removal orders.

Large Items

You can take unwanted household items, which may not fit in your general waste, to local recycling centres.

Find your local recycling centre.

Double check that you do not require a permit prior to arriving to the centre. Some councils also offer large item collection for a fee.


If a recycling bin is provided, do familiarise yourself with what can be recycled.

Leeds City Council – What to put in your bins

You may need to take glass, and other recyclable materials to collection points.

Leeds City Council – Glass recycling