How does the deposit return process work?

Once a tenancy ends we aim to, return the deposit, via bank transfer, within 10 days. To return the deposit, we must complete the following steps:

  1. Property Inspection

On the day the tenancy ends our team will complete a property inspection. An inspector will complete a full walkthrough of the property detailing its condition in an inspection report.

  • Processing of Inspection Report

Next, a team member will compare the inspection report against the check-in report completed at the end of the tenancy. Any discrepancies between the two reports will be investigated fully.

If there are any deductions, these will be calculated at this stage.

  • Feedback

Within 10 days, the nominated lead tenant will receive an email from a member of team.

The email will include the inspection report in step 1, and, if necessary, a breakdown of any deductions.

The nominated lead tenant is welcome to outline any queries they may have at this stage. We ask that any concerns are raised within 10 days of receipt of step 3.

Bank details will be requested to organise the return of monies.

  • Return of Monies and Ending the Process

All being well and without delay, funds will be returned to the bank details provided.