I feel I have been charged too much for cleaning or the removal of items, what do I need to know before I consider making a dispute?

Unfortunately, cleaning and the removal of items are the most common reasons for deductions to deposits. Moreover, remedying cleaning issues and removing items can be very costly.

As a business, we are charged to dispose of items. With labour considered, it can cost over £30.00 to dispose of a single TV.

General end of tenancy professional cleaning, on an average five-bedroom house, costs approximately £280.00. In addition to this, professionally cleaning an oven and hob costs on average £90.00. If the fridge freezer has not be defrosted, this means that an additional visit will need to be scheduled. If some items have also been left at the property, the cost of rectifying the cleaning could cost upwards of £400.00.

To avoid the necessity for professional cleaning, we suggest looking to your check-in report to give an accurate representation of the condition the property was provided to you in. Also consider whether any additional, professional cleaning was conducted at the start of your tenancy.

You may consider hiring a professional cleaner; be sure to book them well in advance as demand can be high during busy periods.