My neighbours are being noisy, what should I do?

Noise nuisance is unfortunately one of the most impactful complaints we receive. Noise nuisance issues with neighbours often occur where household schedules clash, or when one-off events, like social gatherings, cause a disturbance.

Thankfully, it is common that tenants and neighbours can resolve issues of noise nuisance themselves, without the issue needing to escalate.

When addressing noise nuisance with your neighbour we recommend to:

  • Choose a suitable time to talk, ensuring it’s convenient for both parties.
  • Keep your tone calm and polite, avoiding confrontation.
  • Clearly express the specific issue, focusing on the facts rather than subjective accusations.
  • Share how the noise is affecting your daily life and emphasise the importance of a peaceful living environment for everyone. This could include suggesting specific quiet hours, relocating certain activities, or implementing noise-reducing measures.
  • Propose constructive solutions or compromises to address the noise problem.

Listening actively to your neighbour’s perspective is crucial; they may not be aware of the impact of their actions, and understanding their viewpoint can contribute to a cooperative resolution.

Where can I seek additional support:

Sometimes, it is unfortunately not possible to reach a resolution with a noisy neighbour without the support of local authorities.

Noise nuisance complaints, defined as anti-social behaviour, is primarily dealt with by the local authorities and the Police:

Report Noise Nuisance to Your Council

Report Noise Nuisance to West Yorkshire Police

Be sure to diaries any instances of anti-social behaviour you experience; local authorities may ask for this diary later.

Do not hesitate to contact Pickard Properties for additional support. 

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