My shower is not draining correctly, how do I unblock the trap in my shower? How do i unblock a sink?

Usually, slow drainage or a total blockage in your bath or shower is caused by an accumulation of hair, soap and dirt in the pipe. You may be able to pick out whatever is causing the blockage, but make sure you wear protection on your hands, for example rubber gloves.

If you are unable to get to the blockage that way, the next step would be a plunger.You should always try using a plunger first before resorting to bleach or other chemicals. This is because the act of plunging often results in being splashed by the water and could result in chemicals getting on your skin or clothing.

To get the most out of your plunger you should run the rubber end under the hot tap for several minutes to soften the rubber. This will make the rubber more flexible and better able to generate the required suction to clear the pipe.

Once plunged we would suggest you put some drain unblocker down there and leave it for 30 mins. Any big brand drain unblocker will do the trick. Once you have left it to work in the drain we would suggest you pour some boiling water preferably from the kettle.

If, however, your drain is still blocked up, and you have attempted the steps above, you will need use our maintenance portal which is very easy to use – click here. This will then get forwarded to the maintenance team who will be able to assist further.