What happens if I fall into arrears as a student?

If you fall into arrears, you will be contacted by us via text, call or email. If you are struggling to make payment, we would encourage you to speak with your learning institution to seek advice on any relevant Hardship Funds that are available to you.

We can also provide you with various links to help. We can then look to put a suitable payment plan in place. If a positive resolve is not reached or an agreed payment plan is not adhered to, we will seek payment from your guarantor.

If there is no guarantor provided or no positive resolve reached, under the terms of a joint tenancy agreement, we will turn to your co-tenants for payment. If rents are still not recovered, and our communications have been exhausted, we will look to seek further assistance to recover the debt through legal action.

Certainly this is something that we wish to avoid, therefore communicating with us is essential.