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10 ways to make your student room cosy

Creating a cosy nest in a student room isn’t always straightforward.

Many student bedrooms are small, especially if you live in university halls. This often means limited space to transform the area into a comfortable and relaxing room, which is essential during stressful exam periods.

Luckily, using considered purchases and careful techniques, there are several ways to make your room cosier and add character to even the tiniest, shoe-box bedrooms.

From experimenting with textures to choosing specific colours, check out our cosy room ideas to spark inspiration and help you create a more inviting space.

Gentle lighting

The lighting can completely transform a room and your mood. If you want a cosy, more relaxed feel, stay away from harsh overhead lighting and bright bulbs.

Instead, opt for fairy lights, lamps, or lights with dimmable settings. Softer lighting promotes a more soothing environment where you can unwind.


Young hispanic latina woman watering plants in her bedroom

Plants not only look pretty but are also great for our overall health.

Humans innately crave the outdoor world and being immersed in nature. Plants are one way to help bring these elements into our homes, calming anxieties, boosting mood, and clearing our lungs in the process.

Trailing plants are easy to take care of and grow quickly — ideal if you have little time for plant maintenance. Succulents and cacti are other low-maintenance choices. If you don’t have much of a green finger, fake plants will also do the trick without the air-purifying qualities.

Comfortable bedding

With the average person spending around 26 years of their lives sleeping, it’s little wonder that most cosy bedroom ideas start with a bedding update.

Teddy fleece sheets, feather pillows, and fluffy blankets may seem like indulgences, but they are good investments if you want a comfy bed. They’ll also warm you in the winter, helping with high heating costs.

Cushions are another way to make your bed more inviting — who doesn’t want to dive into a pile of softness after a stressful day at uni?

Soft textures

Speaking of softness, you can also extend these textures to the rest of your space to create a cosy bedroom.

A long-haired rug protects your floor while making your room more comfortable. Fabric wall hangings make great art and conversational pieces. A bean bag offers the ideal place to curl up and relax after a long day’s work while adding another layer of texture to your cosy room decor.

Warm colours

Home interior with ethnic boho decoration, bedroom in brown warm color,

To create a warm cosy bedroom, you must use the right colours.

Different colours evoke different moods, and saturated tones are said to create a cosier, more relaxed atmosphere.

When choosing your bedroom accessories, go for warmer hues, such as:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Gold
  • Dark brown
  • Camel
  • Charcoal
  • Navy
  • Moss green

Anything on the righthand side of the colour chart is categorised warm, although deep blues, greens, and purples can also help create a cosier setting if that fits your style better.


Curtains are another textured item that makes your uni room cosier and warmer.

If your rented accommodation already has curtains, you can carefully switch these to a pair that better fits your aesthetic. Just remember to keep the original curtains so you can put them back up when you leave.

When choosing curtains, consider the material and colour. Choose warm hues and soft, thicker fabric to trap heat and create a comfortable setting.

Personal items

Create a room of your own by adding some personal items.

Spruce up the walls with pictures and artwork, make your bed cosier with cuddly toys, or decorate your shelves with trinkets.

These simple additions make your room feel more inviting and relaxing. Unwinding surrounded by your favourite items is also a great way to remind yourself of your home and loved ones wherever you are.

Rearrange furniture

Take inspiration from the art of Feng Shui, the Chinese practice of arranging furniture to promote balance and harmony, and reshuffle your bedroom items.

Rearranging your bed, desk, artwork, etc., can create a cosier atmosphere and encourage a more mindful space. Where you place your furniture can also impact other areas of your life, as Feng Shui is said to improve health, good luck, and prosperity.

Some Feng Shui tips to follow include:

  • Make your bed and desk face the door
  • Have space available on both sides of the bed
  • Don’t overstuff wardrobes
  • Clean your windows
  • Don’t leave out broken or dirty objects
  • Hang your artwork higher
  • Keep under your bed free from storage

Storage solutions

wardrobe drawer organizers full of folded underwear.

A cluttered room equals a cluttered mind, meaning you might find it difficult to unwind, concentrate on work, or enjoy your hobbies when in your bedroom.

Keep your uni bedroom clutter-free with intelligent storage solutions. Group makeup or toiletries in small baskets or drawers. Put away summer/winter clothes when not in use, minimising space with vacuum-sealed bags. Get a wash basket with a lid so you don’t have to look at your dirty laundry daily.

Ensuring things are properly stored and organised transforms your room into a tranquil, cosy area, free from life’s stressors.

Improve smell

Smell is the strongest of our five senses, having the power to evoke special memories and influence our mood.

If your accommodation allows them, you can improve your room’s smell with scented candles and incense sticks. Scented sachet bags offer a flame and smoke-free alternative — place them around your room or in wardrobes and drawers.

Choose smells that promote relaxation and comfort, such as

  • Lavender
  • Clean linen
  • Bergamot
  • Citrus
  • Chamomile
  • Sandalwood
  • Jasmine

This way, you’ll be welcomed with a pleasant aroma as soon as you enter your bedroom, immediately transporting you to a calmer and cosier mindset.

Our student accommodation options offer the perfect place for a cosy university room. After a busy day, return to a room where you can chill out and be comfortable. Browse our selection today.

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