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An important message from Pickard to you

Firstly, we want to say that we hope you are keeping well during these uncertain times. We have no doubt this has been a very confusing time for everyone, but it seems as though things are beginning to return to a sense of normality.

We want to reassure you that we are working on a mostly business as usualapproach, with a few tweaks in place. Apprehension may be starting to set in about moving into a new property, but we are putting measures in place to make this process run as smoothly as possible!

Will it be safe?

Here at Pickard, we have put measures in place to protect both our staff and our tenants. We discourage visits to our office without prior appointment and we are planning a “phased return” for our team in the coming weeks.

Initially, we will be operating a closed-door policy. However, we are hoping to implement an external queuing system. Until further notice, we will only allow ONE customer into the premises at a time. These measures are to safeguard both you and our staff.

We understand that it can be frustrating, so we thank you in advance for your co-operation and patience.

How can I get in contact?

We still have team members on hand working from home. Therefore, you can contact us by telephone on 0113 274 6642 or by email at

Will the property I’m moving to be cleaned?

Yes, before moving into the property, your new home will be professionally “fogged” so that it is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Fogging is an aerosol disinfectant vapour that eliminates all but 0.0001% of bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

As well as this, we will complete the usual basic checks and ensure that the property is ready for you and your co-tenants to move in. Unfortunately, due to additional planning and works needed, we are unable to change the start dates of tenancies at this time.

Close up of boxes for a house move with labels being written on them.

What do I need to do to get my keys?

To ensure we can release your keys, we must have received the following from ALL tenants before the start date of your tenancy:

  • Full payment of deposit – can be paid online via our website.
  • First instalments of rent – can be paid online via our website.
  • Completed guarantor forms – can be posted to our office at 26-30 North Lane, Headingly, Leeds, LS6 3HE.
  • All tenancy documents fully signed.
  • Right to rent checks completed.

Once all the above is received, we will issue the keys for your property. However, in an attempt to limit footfall within the office, we will be opting for keys to be posted to your home address (the address provided at the time of signing). By doing so, you can arrive at the property at your leisure, rather than standing in unnecessary queues outside our office.

If you have any issues with this process. or are unsure what else you need to do, please contact us.

Moving in

Now, you might feel a bit apprehensive about the whole moving in process. Guidelines are constantly changing, and it is important to keep up with this. It would be an excellent idea to speak to your new housemates about a smooth move into the property while following any guidelines advised at the start of your tenancy.

If you want to avoid crowds, discuss time slots for moving your belongings into your new house. This will allow everyone to have some space and create a safer environment for the move.

Settling in

Usually, at this time of year, our teams would attend your property to complete any works that we have picked up on our final inspection. However, with the current guidelines in place, this process will take a little longer than normal.

If, when you have moved in, you find any teething problems that you would like to bring to our attention, please report this to us online. We will update you closer to the time on how you can do this.

Look forward to it!

We understand this time is confusing and can be causing all kinds of stress, but remember, this is an exciting time for you and your housemates.

Once you’ve moved in, you will gain a sense of normality and can concentrate on fun things like decorating your room or getting to know your housemates.

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