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The benefits of renting a smaller property

You’d be forgiven for thinking that everyone aspires to a large house with loads of internal space and a vast garden.

However, this isn’t practical in some areas, such as central Leeds, and a large house is certainly not without its downsides.

Young professionals in Yorkshire favour location over size, seeing as they’re commuting daily, which allows them to live outside of the city centre but in a convenient spot with excellent transport links.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the reasons why renting a smaller property in Leeds can be beneficial — whether that’s a one-bed apartment or a room in a Leeds house share.

Smaller properties are cheaper to rent

Generally, a 1-bed apartment will be less expensive for you to rent than a 2-bedroom house (if they are in the same geographic area).

If you’re looking to pay less per month, consider a smaller property — leaving you with disposable income each month to go out and have some fun with, or money to save for a house of your own.

Smaller properties = smaller energy bills

With fewer rooms and less space to heat, alongside less water and electricity being used, you’ll find your energy bills are much less than in a larger property. Simple!

Smaller properties are more eco-friendly

Apartments and small properties tend to be close to all the local amenities, meaning you’ll be using your car a lot less than if you lived in a large house on the edge of or out of town.

Additionally, with less space to heat and less electricity being used, you’re using less energy, which is of enormous benefit to the environment, too.

There’s less to clean in a smaller property

A woman cleaning a window in her small house

As a professional, you probably spend more of your life at work than you’d like to.

With a busy work life comes less time to get jobs done at home — whether that’s cleaning, tidying, or changing the lightbulb that blew weeks ago.

Lessen the number of tasks by choosing a smaller home and take the pressure off yourself.

Of course, you could hire a cleaner, but that’s an additional cost that many young professionals won’t want to consider.

Smaller properties are cosier in autumn & winter

Large open-plan houses are lovely and airy in spring and summer when there’s plenty of light outside.

Conversely, when it comes to autumn/winter, the smaller the property, the cosier it feels.

What’s better than curling up with your partner on the sofa on a cold winter’s night to watch the latest Netflix hit? It can feel very intimate and romantic.

Smaller properties curb materialism

If you’re the type of person who accumulates clutter, then living in an apartment or house share can help to control it as there’s nowhere to keep it all.

You may still look at things and want to buy them but thinking about where you will keep new items will make you think twice.

Many people who rent a smaller home live a fairly minimalistic lifestyle and thoroughly enjoy the sense of peace and freedom it gives them.

Buying less ‘stuff’ also brings the benefit of spending less money.

Smaller properties lead to more socialising

Two men chilling on the sofa in a small house

Living with friends or family in a small property can result in heightened bonding as you’ll find yourselves socialising in the living area and kitchen rather than hiding away in your bedrooms.

In a way, there’s nowhere to hide — which teens may, at first, resent — but that often results in stronger relationships for the long-term.

Smaller properties give you more time

With less cleaning, less maintenance, and less overtime at work to pay for the bills, you’ll find that living in an apartment or shared house in Leeds will lead to more spare time which you can spend exactly how you like. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

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