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Free courses that will improve your CV

Getting your dream job begins with an impressive CV. From branded CVs to gift packages, over-the-top job applications are seemingly on the rise, with their success documented across social media.

Before you bring out the craft box, it’s essential to ensure your CV delivers content as well as presentation. This may seem trickier if you’re fresh out of university or only have one or two previous roles. However, you can easily enhance your CV in just a few weeks with various free online courses with qualifications.

Read on for our pick of the best online course to take to upgrade your job application and impress your future employers.

Why take a free course?

Young people leaving school or university are entering a fiercely competitive workplace. Due to more people obtaining degrees, more people starting their careers are settling for lower-skilled jobs that don’t require higher education. This can leave them feeling stuck, demotivated, and less likely to pursue a more meaningful career.

Standing out in a competitive job market is essential, proving your worth beyond a university degree or previous role. Enrolling in short courses to get a job is a quick and easy way to improve your CV. Taking the initiative to enhance your learning and explore new skills demonstrates your ambition, independence, and willingness to go the extra mile.

A quick online course is also great if you want to change careers. Pivoting to a new industry can leave you financially worse off and back at the bottom of the job ladder. However, a short course in your chosen area shows employers you are willing to put the effort in to develop in a new field. Alongside having previous experience that could be applied to a new role, there will be more room for financial negotiation.

After taking a free course to boost your CV, you’ll enter an interview feeling confident and ready to share your knowledge. You’ll stand out from the hiring pool and give potential employers something interesting to discuss.

Best online courses to take

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Luckily, there are thousands of free online courses available. The only tricky part is choosing the best ones for your career.


After the pandemic, many companies transitioned to global businesses, employing workers worldwide. While most use English as their primary language, understanding a second language is helpful for communication and sets you apart from the other candidates.

Research where your desired company’s international headquarters are located and try to learn the language. You could also find out where their clients and customers come from and impress your interviewers with your communication skills.

OpenLearn is an Open University platform that provides free online courses, including language lessons. From Ukrainian and Italian to Tamil, their entry-level courses are ideal for a quick introduction to different cultures and communication.

Busuu goes one step further and hires native speakers to teach languages live. Students can practice with professional tutors in 1-2-1 lessons or group settings to help build confidence, all online.

Duolingo is a great way to brush up on a language on the go, with more than 30 languages available to learn. The easy-to-use app covers popular words, grammar rules, and pronunciation, prompting learners with a daily reminder.

Technology and design 

Technology and how we use it have transformed our work. From the rise of social media to the introduction of AI and machine learning, technology will only continue to create new roles and change the working environment.

It’s crucial to stay on top of these changes, especially if you weren’t introduced to them at school or university. Bringing new skills to the job and showing a willingness to adapt is music to an employer’s ears. They may offer you a higher package once you demonstrate how your knowledge can help their business.

There are several areas to focus on when choosing a free accredited online course in technology. You can explore social media, discovering how marketing teams use emerging platforms to gain recognition and sell products. Or, you can dive into the newer world of AI, understanding how machine learning can simplify everyday business tasks and get more out of a company’s efforts.

Some courses combine technology and creativity, such as graphic design or video editing. Adding these skills to your CV showcases your artistic personality and sets you apart in otherwise non-creative industries.

FutureLearn is a fantastic place to gain qualifications online, thanks to its wide selection of free and paid courses. Enhance your technical skills with one of their online IT and computer science courses, covering everything from AI and robotics to software development and cybersecurity.

The Oxford Home Study Centre provides a free accredited online course in social media marketing. The comprehensive course involves learners developing a social media plan, building communities, and using various social media platforms.

Enrolling in an Udemy graphic design course is a quick and easy way to gain qualifications online, exploring everything from design essentials to photoshop tools and 3D graphics. Udemy also offers a wide range of video editing courses, where you can learn to edit professional footage using several favoured tools.

Management and leadership

Training doesn’t only need to focus on mastering a new talent or fine-tuning your interests.

Using free home learning courses to improve your leadership and management skills is attractive to employers. It shows your desire to take on responsibility and your ability to work well with others, which is especially important if this is your first role. Having recognisable management qualifications may also help you gain a promotion quicker, as you spend less time learning on the job.

Receive a recognisable accreditation from the Learning Curve Group when enrolling in a Level 2 Principles of Team Leading course. This fully-funded qualification takes around seven weeks to complete and will teach you how to develop your team-leading skills and how to manage a team effectively.

This Leading with Effective Communication course from edX is excellent for inclusive leadership training. Learn communication skills that help bring out the best in yourself and others, and explore how communication plays a vital role in successful leadership.

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