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Why Headingley is a great Place to live as a young professional

There’s no doubt that Leeds is a great place to live as you transition from a student and into a young professional.

From all the new people and experiences, through to being able to enjoy more of what the city has to offer, some of the best places to live can still be areas like Headingley.

Although the suburb is viewed as a student area, it still has a great deal to offer young professionals of Leeds looking to house share.

So, what are the main benefits of staying in Headingley once that work begins?

It’s great place to save money

Rental prices in the city centre can be very high, with small studio apartments being let for well over £120 a week.

However, rental prices in Headingley are much more competitive and house shares enable young professionals to save money while they work.

From holidays through to potential mortgages, living in Headingley offers a great opportunity for young professionals to save while they enjoy a good lifestyle.

Charity shops galore

If Headingley is known for one thing, it’s charity shops.

From Oxfam through to Sue Ryder’s Vintage & Retro store, you can get just about anything you need for just a pinch of the usual price down Headingley Lane.

What’s more, charity shops are the perfect way to save money while being able to offer something back.

The Huffington Post has published a great guide to charity shopping that’s well worth taking a look at if you want to become a regular charity shop patron.

Great cafes

Eating in the city can also be expensive, but in Headingley, there are a range of beautiful artisanal cafes and bars to enjoy for a fraction of the cost.

For something a little different, but just as great, White’s Deli is one of the coolest delis in the world. Whether you’re after breakfast, lunch, or just a few cocktails or craft ales, White’s Deli takes the best of a city bar or café and plants it right in the centre of Headingley.

It’s also worth pointing out that a couple of sandwich shops are known to stay open as late as 4am, just in case you’re hungry in the middle of the night.

You can still enjoy a few student perks

From the Cottage Cinema, one of the few remaining (and probably the nicest) cinemas in the UK, through to Bretts Fish restaurant, there are a range of great things that you still get to enjoy as a young professional.

But when it comes to alcohol, you can also find pubs to enjoy a quiet pint or two after work without the hassle of bumping into a bunch of students dressed as nuns.

Arcadia for example, at the end of the Arndale Complex, has a policy of not serving Otley runners, allowing for a few quiet ones with some likeminded people.

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