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Students during Freshers Week

How to survive Freshers’ Week

Hello new students and welcome to the vibrant city of Leeds!

We hope you have a fantastic time at university here, and we are ready to support you with all your student accommodation needs.

The first week of uni, before your proper lectures start, is when the fun begins. Freshers’ Week is often a hectic time in a new student’s calendar, but certainly, something to look forward to.

What is Freshers’ Week?

Freshers’ Week is dedicated to first-year students and offers you all manner of activities and events to take part in. The week aims to help you make new friends, show you around Leeds, and save you some money. What’s not to love?

Extroverts will be in their element during Freshers’, with the wide variety of club nights throughout the week. However, there are plenty of activities for those who prefer calmer or booze-free socialising, too — from craft sessions to bingo and fitness classes. However you prefer to make friends, Freshers’ Week has your back.

As well as all the fun, there will be a few academic bits and bobs going on, too.

This year’s Freshers’ Week starts with a bang (and a welcome party) on 22 September.

You can find the University of Leeds Freshers’ timetable here. If you’re studying at Leeds Trinity Uni, you’ll find some essential information here.

students enjoying Freshers Week

When are the Leeds Freshers’ Fairs?

The University of Leeds Freshers’ Fair takes place on Monday 23 September this year, from 10 am ‘til 4 pm. You’ll find it located at the Leeds University Union; under a marquee outside, and inside the Riley Smith Theatre.

Prefer a crowd-free experience? Try attending between 10 am, and 11 am, as this is often much quieter.

The Leeds Beckett University Freshers’ Fair is on Wednesday 25 September, between 10 am and 3 pm. Just head over to the Sports Arena on the Headingley Campus between those times.

The Freshers’ Fairs are your chance to find out more about societies and maybe sign up to a few — whether you’re passionate about your faith, swimming, or veganism.

There’s something for everyone. Love knitting or crochet? Why not join the Stitch ‘n’ Bitch society! There will also be stalls, loads of freebies and discounts to be had, and plenty more fun stuff, too.

How to cope with Freshers’ Week

hungover students during Freshers Week

Freshers’ can undoubtedly be loads of fun, but it can also bring headaches, hangovers, homesickness, and all manner of other feelings. So, how can you get through it in one piece?

Prepare yourself

Freshers’ Flu is real! Before you start partying, make sure you’ve got some hangover and cold remedies ready to relieve you of your worst symptoms.

With alcohol can come heightened emotions, so don’t be surprised if homesickness kicks in during week one. Combat this by planning your first trip home and schedule regular chats on the phone with family and friends.

You’ll find some great tips for coping with homesickness in this blog post.

Stay safe

Don’t forget that you’re in a new city with people you don’t yet know very well.

Look out for yourself and others throughout Freshers’ Week by staying in a group, swapping phone numbers with your housemates or halls neighbours, and only using licensed taxis or Uber. On top of this, never leave your drinks unattended.

Don’t just party

While it might be tempting to make the most of the new nightlife that Freshers’ Week delivers, it’s crucial that you take a break throughout the week.

While there may be club nights every night, you don’t need to attend every single one of them! Take some time out to get to know your halls neighbours or housemates.

Unpack your belongings, get settled in, and make your new room feel like home.

This week is also a fantastic opportunity to get tasks done, such as finding out where everything is on campus and registering with a local GP.

Top tip: Head to the library with your reading list while it’s quiet and beat the post-Freshers’ rush!

Don’t expect too much

Many students love Freshers’ Week and make lots of new friends, but that isn’t the case for everyone — and that is perfectly OK.

Don’t worry if you hated Freshers’ or you didn’t meet anyone you clicked with; you’ve got three years (plus) to make friends, and it will happen in time!

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