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Why Leeds is great for international students

In all honesty, Leeds is a great city for pretty much everyone whether you’re a student, professional or looking to settle down with a family.

It has something to offer everyone at any stage of their life.

However, it makes a particularly appealing prospect for international students who are wanting to study in the UK but perhaps haven’t made their minds up as to which location is best for them.

With that in mind, here’s our top five reasons for why Leeds is a great city for international students.

1. It’s easy to get around

Although moving to a new city – especially in a new country – can always be difficult at first to navigate, some cities are much harder than others.

Luckily, the central areas of Leeds are actually quite small when you consider the educational, cultural and employment opportunities available here. Leeds is certainly a city punching well above its weight.

Its compact size, public transport links and even its terrific cycling facilities make Leeds much easier than most to find your way around and ultimately feel like your home.

2. There’s plenty of housing options

When you’re looking for international student accommodation in Leeds, one thing that’s bound to become clear is the sheer amount of options that are available.

Whether you’re looking for a house share, something more private, accommodation in the heart of the city centre or something a little further afield, there’s so many kinds of flats and houses to rent in Leeds that you’re bound to find something that is right for you.

3. Great cultural achievements

When you’re moving to a new country, one of the most exciting parts of this adventure is soaking up the local and national culture, and Leeds is no slouch in this department.

It has multiple music venues and a thriving local art scene, alongside internationally recognised contributions to the world of theatre, ballet and opera in no small part thanks to iconic venues like the West Yorkshire Playhouse and Opera North.

4. World-class education

Ultimately, education is the reason international students are here in the first place and this is one area where Leeds absolutely excels.

The University of Leeds is one of the finest universities in the country and is joined by a wide array of other higher educational establishments, such as Leeds Art University and Leeds Trinity University.

For an exceptional and varied educational experience, come to Leeds.

5. A vibrant student culture

As you might expect from a city with such thriving universities, Leeds also has a booming student population and this is a big reason why it’s such an ideal city for international students.

Moving to a new city in an unknown country can leave people feeling isolated if they don’t have a way of getting involved in the community.

Thankfully, the student experience in Leeds is one that is inclusive and, due to the high population of those in higher education, hard to miss.

Having such a large and open student community can really help international students feel like Leeds really is a home away from home.

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