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Leeds restaurants to check out for Valentine’s day.

Over the decades, Leeds has truly transformed, both economically and culturally.

One of the most striking of all of these changes is the city’s ever-growing foodie and restaurant culture.

This means that there’s plenty of options for couples looking to go out for an intimate meal around Leeds for Valentine’s Day: when the city’s usual terrific selection of restaurants and eateries often get a holiday makeover to get you in the spirit for love and romance.

We might only an estate agents and student letting agency, but we know our restaurants, so here’s a quick rundown of our pick of some of the best options available:


Our first choice here is a great example of how Leeds has truly embraced international cuisine.

Issho is an authentic Japanese restaurant. Valentine’s Day offers you a fantastic opportunity to get familiar with the cuisine, as they offer a £42 tasting menu filled with new taste sensations.

For a romantic evening, this is a perfect way to try new experiences together, or if one of you is already a lover of Japanese cuisine, to introduce your loved one to something you’re passionate about.

Chef preparing Japanese food


Spanish tapas feels like it was made to be enjoyed in a romantic setting, thanks to its bold, spicy flavours and the emphasis on sharing and trying new things together.

There’s plenty of great examples of tapas restaurants in Leeds but one which consistently gets name-dropped as one of the best of its kind is Iberica.

Here you can pick and choose from their vast menu and put together a sharing platter to suit both of your tastes.


Found at the old red bus station, Cantina joins other trailblazing restaurants – like the equally excellent Bundobust – in tantalising those who are looking for non-meat dining options.

While vegans once had to make do with an item or two on the menu, they’ve now got an incredibly vast mouth-watering array of vegan goodies to choose from.

This is obviously ideal if you’re a vegan couple or you have a vegan partner, and you want to enjoy a romantic meal without being surrounding by food not suitable for your lifestyle.

Arts Cafe

Another great option for those looking to spend a meat free Valentine’s Day together is the Arts Café: so named because of those creative works that are scattered across their walls.

This love of art gives the cafe a sparkling creative ambience unlike anywhere else, and the food manages to be just as satisfying without breaking the bank.

French food


If you’re looking for a truly world-class dining experience with stunning views of the sparkling city skyline, then Crafthouse offers a night out that’s more than a meal: it’s an experience.

And on Valentine’s Day, they offer something extra special with their five-course taste extravaganza available at £50 per person.

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