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Leeds city centre

What to expect living in the city as a young professional

Leeds is a fantastic place to call home. From the job market to art and culture, there’s simply so many opportunities and experiences available that it’s a city which never gets old. This is pretty much the case whatever age you are or where you are in terms of your career. However, there are some ways in which Leeds is particularly perfect for young professionals. Here’s a quick look at five of the reasons why.

A diverse selection of jobs

There’s great job opportunities available in Leeds across a wide range of professions. In fact, it’s considered among the most diverse of any of the main employment centres in the country. This means that, whatever your skill set, there’s few better places to hone your craft than in Leeds.

An equally varied housing market

One of the best things about Leeds is the fact that the sheer variety on offer allows people to basically choose how they want to live their lives. Take housing for example. In many major employment areas, housing can be an issue. This is because people struggle to live anywhere close to where the jobs are. Here, that doesn’t have to be the case, as you can find perfectly reasonably priced properties within walking distance from the city centre, with plenty of Leeds house share options if you fancy saving even more.

Of course, if you prefer you can spend a lot on a swanky apartment elsewhere in town, but it’s not a necessity to avoid a gruelling commute. Essentially, it’s up to you, and that’s one of the main reasons so many love to call Leeds their home.

An amazing selection of places to eat

Eating out in a restaurant
There’s a diverse selection of great restaurants in Leeds

If you enjoy treating yourself to something special to eat after a hard week, or you want to go out for your lunchbreak, or you simply don’t feel like cooking after a long day at work, Leeds has you more than covered. It has transformed in recent years into a foodie heaven and we don’t mean the kind where you spend £50 on a spoonful of food, although that is still an option if it’s what you fancy. Leeds is bursting with fun and varied restaurants at a range of prices. This excellent selection is topped off by the incomparable Trinity Kitchen, which brings together a rotating best of the best selection of street food vendors from across the world.

A hub of art and culture

In all honesty, Leeds really doesn’t get the credit it deserves as an amazing place to live for culture vultures. There’s several great gig venues, including places like Brudenell Social Club, where you can see up-and-coming acts, as well as the 02 Academy for established big hitters. There’s also several amazing theatres, including the historic Leeds Grand Theatre. Alongside this, you can enjoy the fine works of Leeds Art Gallery, or go back in time in one of Leeds’ several museums. This is all without even mentioning the city’s deep love of sports, or even the carnivals which are a celebration of the city’s fabulous diversity and inclusiveness. Leeds is more than just a great place to work: it’s a passionate and vibrant city with incredible hidden depths.

A thrilling nightlife scene

Topping all of this off is Leeds’ much-loved nightlife scene. Like so much of this list, the key to its success is variety. If you’re looking to go out clubbing, for a quiet pint or anything in-between, you’re likely to find something in Leeds to take your fancy. Much like the blossoming restaurant boom in the city, Leeds has also developed a taste for high quality beers, with festivals dedicated to the beverage now running throughout the year. So, if what you want is to drink a large amount of alcohol while pretending it’s to taste the hint of toffee on the back of your palate, Leeds has you covered there too. If nothing else, it’s a city of diversity.

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