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Why the private rental sector is key to young professionals in Leeds

Now more than ever the Privately Rented Sector (PRS) is growing in cities throughout the country, and Leeds is no different.

Throughout the city, the privately rented sector is offering young professionals and the newly graduated the opportunity to enjoy rich and active lifestyles without the strains of looking after a burdensome mortgage.

But what are the benefits of living in a privately rented house or apartment building?

You can always count on quality

Without fail buildings built for the purpose of private rentals are designed, created, and refurbished using only the best quality materials.

This is because such endeavours are designed for long-term investment by developers and professional landlords.

With longevity a key factor in the privately rented sector, high quality materials and finishes are often made a priority throughout buildings before they are ready for rent.

Location location location

Most privately rented apartments and buildings are designed to be within walking distance of city centres and important transport links.

Leeds is especially well equipped for this being that the centre is surprisingly small for such a vibrant and industrious city.

Many privately rented properties in the urban areas around Leeds are within a 10-minute walk from the city centre or 20 to 30-minute walk from Leeds train station.

Building services are a godsend

Generally, privately rented buildings are serviced and maintained by building management services.

This means that as well as enjoying well maintained and high-quality living standards, tenants are able to live day to day without worrying about major repair expenses that can be incurred in privately owned properties.

For people renting in apartment buildings this also means that stairwells, open spaces, and gardens are also kept and well looked after throughout the year.

The PRS offers a convenient lifestyle

There’s nothing more assuring than knowing your outgoings on a monthly basis and renting from a professional landlord offers tenants the assurance of living life without any hidden surprises or fees.

What’s more, due to the fact that many young professionals choose to live with housemates or their partners, the cost of rent and other amenities is greatly reduced.

Even entertainment packages such as the internet, Sky, or streaming services can be shared out equally between a household of people renting together.

Choice is growing on a daily basis

Now more than ever people are turning to the PRS, which is growing every year and now more than 16 per cent of adults rent privately throughout the country.

Due to this there is a great amount of choice and opportunity for people looking to rent from professional landlords.

Whereas the choice of property may have been a little narrower ten to twenty years ago, young professionals are now able to choose rental properties suited to their lifestyles, working habits, and budgets.

Professional landlords are exactly that

Now more than ever professional landlords can be relied upon to offer a convenient, robust, and quality service.

Due to recent changes in law and public expectation the professional landlord sector has come on  leaps and bounds over the past ten years and is now one of the most trusted and reliable sectors in the UK.

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