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How to choose the right area for your family

Being an estate agent in Leeds, we know just how much choice there is when it comes to picking whereabouts in the city you want to call home.

This is especially the case if you’re not only looking for a place for yourself, but for your family as well.

There’s so much to take into account to ensure that everyone living under your roof has all their needs met, from travel to school and everything in between.

Luckily, there’s plenty of great areas in Leeds for those looking for their perfect family home.

Here’s a quick look at five terrific Leeds areas for families, in no particular order.

And remember, properties are available in all of these areas through Pickards.

So, if you’re asking yourself ‘where can I find estate agents near me?’, then your search is over.


This one is a great fit for pretty much everybody. It’s the perfect example of a great all-rounder in terms of residential parts of Leeds.

There’s few areas that can boast being an ideal spot for young professionals, thanks to its excellent transport links and great nightlife, as well as being ideal for families, boasting exceptional schools and a thriving local community.

Horsforth is one of the most popular parts of Leeds across all ages and it’s easy to see why: it’s a great choice no matter who you are.

Traditional british houses in a row with car parked on the street in the suburb of Leeds.


The market town of Morley is absolutely ideal for those looking for a quiet part of the city where their family can thrive.

However, this doesn’t mean that Morley has little going for it.

There’s tons of schools, shops and businesses, including its own town centre.

This means you won’t need to travel all the way into Leeds city centre to find what you need.

It’s a place that manages to strike that delicate balance between peace and convenience just right.


Much of what was said for our previous entrant can also apply to Brighouse: another area that retains all the conveniences of living in a modern metropolitan city like Leeds, while not being too busy for a family.

It’s also an area with plenty of activities around, which are suitable for young children.

These include laser tag and play centres, alongside rock climbing for those who are slightly older.

This is all without mentioning the simply gorgeous Cromwell Bottom Nature Reserve, which is of course suitable for all ages, making it ideal for a family outing.


A picturesque market town, Rawdon is something of a hidden gem within the city of Leeds. It’s not as well-known as some other residential areas, including some that have already featured on this list.

However, its quaint good looks, excellent schools, beautiful houses, sensational greenery and more are all reasons why you shouldn’t overlook this often-forgotten underdog.


Reportedly home to the world’s oldest fish and chip shop, Yeadon is a town that is steeped in history.

However, that doesn’t mean this area of Leeds is looking to be put out to pasture any time soon.

With stunning green spaces and plenty of family friendly activities and things to do nearby, alongside an excellent array for accommodation options, Yeadon is an fantastic choice for families of any size.

Far Headingley

An area of increasingly luxury, Far Headingley is located just three miles outside of Leeds city centre.

Situated of course, just a tad beyond Central Headingley itself, the area is now subject to new developments and is an increasing area of interest to young professionals and families.

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