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The benefits of bills inclusive student living

At Pickard Properties, we offer our student tenants two rental options: bills inclusive or bills exclusive. The latter is the cheaper and probably more attractive option up front; however, bills then become a separate issue… and bills aren’t cheap or easy to organise.

We offer a selection of three bills included student packages — namely Like It, Love It, and Gotta Have It. All include unlimited gas, electric and water, 100MB+ unlimited broadband, and a 42-inch Smart TV. Love It includes 200MB broadband, alongside a TV licence and contents insurance. Gotta Have It includes all of the above but with 300MB broadband and Netflix, plus an Apple TV.

We adore our bills included options for Leeds students, so here’s a lowdown of why you should love them, too!

Bills inclusive makes it easier to manage your money

If you opt for a bills inclusive package, then you know exactly how much you owe every month. This allows you to relax, as you won’t be worrying about how much your next gas or water bill is going to be — there are no surprise bills to contend with.

This also means you can use as much energy or water as you need, without being concerned about how much it will cost you.

If you earn more from your part-time job one month, that extra money will be all yours — it won’t get stolen away by your electricity supplier before you have a chance to enjoy it!

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Bills inclusive saves you money

Not only will you know in advance precisely how much you’re spending each month, but you’ll probably end up paying less than you would if you were paying money out to separate suppliers.

The set monthly cost is worked out from a student’s average usage, so you’ll undoubtedly be getting a real bargain if you’re a high energy or water user! Although we don’t encourage overuse, of course, as we should all do our part for the environment.

Bills inclusive saves you time

Arranging gas, electricity and water supplies means hours of research — both from obtaining online price comparisons and calling around to get the best deal. Then there’s the regular meter readings.

Save all of the hassles and opt for ‘bills included’ student living instead. This way, you can get on with being a student — whether that means getting your head stuck in your course books or going out and exploring what Leeds has to offer.

Bills inclusive means no delays when you move in

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When you move into your new student pad, you’ll want to start enjoying it right away. A bills exclusive tenancy would require a lot of time spent arranging new suppliers — not to mention the time the suppliers will then take to sort out your connections. Broadband can often take two weeks to set up, which isn’t very helpful for students who have uni work to be getting on with. Then there’s all the Netflix shows you’ll be wanting to binge watch!

Bills inclusive prevents arguments

Money is the most prevalent cause of friction between student housemates, and additional bills lead to extra potential for arguments between housemates — for example, if someone isn’t contributing to the gas bill, or if one housemate is using far more water than the rest. Having your bills included in your monthly rental payment means you can all get on with the fun stuff and leave us to deal with the boring bits.

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