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Houses in the suburbs in Horsforth

Why Horsforth is a great place to live for young Professionals

The stunning suburb of Horsforth feels in many ways like the quintessential British town. It’s a place that has never forgotten its unique history. Alongside making it a fascinating place to visit near plenty of amazing historical sites and museums, this also gives the civil parish its own distinct sense of individuality and personality, which is reflected in the architecture around Horsforth.

It seems like the perfect place for someone who wants to settle down in an area that is distinct enough from a busy, stressful and large city environment, but without being too remote that they’re completely cut off from that sense of convenience and community.

The latter point is a huge part of Horsforth’s appeal. Its community thrives on local pride and industry. Put simply, this is a place that has a little bit of character on every one of its streets.

What really sets Horsforth apart though, is the versatility of the area. For starters, it’s not the most expensive place in the country to live, meaning that it’s accessible to a lot of different people.

It manages to be affordable while also offering more expensive properties for those who want to pay a bit more for extravagance and luxury. We know as an estate agent in Leeds just how important having a variety of choice really is when it comes to finding your new home.

It should be no surprise that Horsforth is a suburb that boasts properties across the price range, as it has become something of a hidden gem for those working in Leeds city centre in high paying positions.

The reason for this is simple: aside from Horsforth simply being a beautiful place to call home, it’s also very affordable even at higher levels. In other words, you can spend more in Horsforth and be safe in the knowledge that you’re getting more bang for your buck than in many other places in the country.

This makes it absolutely perfect for young professionals working in and around the area. There’s even more options for houses to rent in Leeds than you might have realised.

This fact is also helped by its excellent transport links. While it’s certainly easy enough to get into Leeds city centre by car, for those who want to save money or don’t have the option to drive, public transport makes it easy enough regardless, with regular bus and train routes: the latter of which only takes around 15 minutes.

It’s also fairly nearby Bradford, which may not be quite as close as Leeds but is certainly close enough to make travelling there hassle-free. This, of course, further opens up job options to those living in Horsforth.

A close connection like that isn’t only good for employment prospects however. It also means that the vibrancy of things to do in the surrounding cities is easily accessible to those in Horsforth.

Leeds has so much to offer everyone, from museums and historical sites to theatres, cinemas, gig venues and tons of fantastic restaurants and bars. And this is all without mentioning the amazing things there are to do in Horsforth itself.

You can explore nature on a family day out at Horsforth Hall Park; enjoy one of the many fantastic restaurants from its blossoming culinary scene; get more active in the community with options including cricket, golf and riding clubs; you can even check out live entertainment at The Black Bull, the largest live music venue in town. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Horsforth is a place that manages to balance being so many things for so many people. So, whatever you’re looking for, there’s a good chance you might have just found your perfect home here.

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