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Why Leeds is the best place to live and rent in the UK

In many ways, Leeds is several different cities all at once. For some, it’s a metropolitan hub with wonderful career opportunities in sectors such as marketing and finance.

For others, it’s best known for its stunning green belt land, unique sense of local pride and community. Leeds is a city that’s many different things to many different people.

Here’s just some of the many reasons it’s one of the best places to live and rent in the UK.

1. It has a thriving economy

Leeds not only has one of the most successful economies in the north of England: it also has one of the most varied as well. While probably best known for being the largest centre for financial and business services outside of London, if your field of expertise is outside of these sectors, then there’s plenty of other opportunities in the city.

It has a thriving nightlife and bustling retail districts, making it ideal for those looking for part-time work, as well as offering plenty of opportunities in both the public and private sector, with careers ranging from everything from teachers to marketing executives to IT consultants to name just a few. It’s not just one of the best places for financial jobs outside London, it’s one of the best for jobs period.

2. A love of art and culture

Perhaps because of Leeds’ reputation as a financial and business hub, it doesn’t always get the credit it deserves for its cultural and artistic scene. This is a shame because there’s so much to see, learn and enjoy for all tastes.

If you’re a fan of live music, then you can enjoy a mixture of cult and up-and-coming bands at the legendary Brudenell Social Club, or see stadium level acts at the 02 Academy. Lovers of theatre can check out the likes of the City Varieties Music Hall, the Grand Theatre and The West Yorkshire Playhouse. If history is more your thing, there’s plenty of great museums, alongside fascinating historical sites.

3. There’s so many renting options

Despite all Leeds has to offer, it’s still a very affordable city to live in. This is thanks to the amount of buying and renting options that are available. One of the best ways to save money when renting in Leeds is through house shares, and there’s also great transport links throughout, meaning you can choose a less metropolitan area to save on extra cash if you’d prefer.

With the amount of properties to rent in Leeds, you’re bound to find something to best suit your needs at a price you can afford.

4. Education, education, education

One of the main reasons people move to Leeds is without a doubt for its educational opportunities. With higher education options including – but not exclusive to – the University of Leeds, Leeds Beckett University, Leeds Trinity University, Leeds Arts University, Leeds City College and Leeds College of Building to name but a few, it’s no surprise that it is widely considered to be one of the best cities in the country for education options.

And of course, for students, the amount of great renting options is a huge help, making the next step in their life easier.

5. More to offer than you think

In all honesty, if we were to go through everything that makes Leeds such a wonderful place to live then this list would be hundreds of entries long. So, here’s a quick rundown of some of the most wonderful things about living in Leeds that we’ve yet to mention:

  • A great love of sports and a passionate sporting history
  • Some stunning areas of green land and a great selection of parks and wildlife sanctuaries
  • A wonderful choice of bars and nightclubs
  • A blossoming foodie culture with a great selection of restaurants and left-field examples, like the street food stalls in Trinity Kitchen
  • One of the finest cities for shopping in the north of England

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