How do I unblock and/or empty my vacuum cleaner?

You will need to attempt to unblock the hose of your vacuum cleaner. To do this you need to disconnect the hose at both ends, the end that is attached to the vacuum itself and the end which may be attached to one of the utility attachments. Once this has been done, you will then be able to see if there is a blockage in the hose itself.

If so you will need to then take something that will be able to clear it, for example: A straightened wire coat hanger or the handle of a mop or brush. Using these items you will be able to carefully unclog the hose of your vacuum.

Once this has been completed you will then have to check if there is any blockages in the soil chamber. Look at the connection between your hose and chamber. Try to reach this connection spot and feel whether there is any form of clog. If you detect any blockage, clear as much as possible.

Please also empty the soil chamber. To empty this there should be a release button, normally at the top of the chamber, which you will be able to click down and release.

You can then empty the chamber into your house bin, but be careful as it can get a little bit messy, we would suggest you empty the chamber straight into your black wheelie bin outside your property. You can then connect the chamber back to the hoover, it should just sit into place and click back on.

If all blockages have been removed, you will then be able to start reassembling the vacuum the way you took it apart. Once this step is complete, turn the hoover on and you will be able to check again whether the suction is up to standard and your hoover is up to spec.

If your hoover is still not working and or the suction power is not strong enough, you can report it here. This will then get forwarded to the maintenance team who will be able to assist further.