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12 student apps you need to download now

Your smartphone isn’t only there for scrolling Instagram or checking out the latest TikTok trends. Make better use of your screen time and download these student-focused apps instead.

Whether they’re saving students money, helping you study, or assisting with housemate admin, this list of student apps will have you mastering university life in no time.

Best student discount and money-saving apps

With the cost of living rising, saving money while studying has never been more important. These student discount apps will ensure all of life’s purchases are a little cheaper.

Student Beans

Gain access to student discounts with the Students Beans app. Enjoy perks like 35% off Dominos Pizza, 10% off ASOS, and even free McDonald’s items. The app includes a digital ID, which you can show in-store to get money off in person or use to get app-exclusive deals and discounts.


Cut the cost of your weekly shop with Shopmium, one of the best cashback apps on the market. Get money off everyday food items from top supermarkets or grab a cheeky freebie. It’s incredibly user friendly – just upload an image of your receipt at the end of your shop and wait for the cashback to arrive. You can even  get an extra £3 in credits when you refer your uni pals


Comparing the costs of online purchases between retailers can be tiring. Luckily, Idealo takes on the task and sifts through websites to bring you the lowest prices. Whether you’re saving a few pennies or scoring a wicked sum off your item, this app is a must before you buy anything online. No more getting caught with impulse purchases.

Best student study apps

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Make the likelihood of achieving that coveted First-grade degree even more possible with apps to help you study, revise, and plan your essays more efficiently.


No one enjoys referencing, especially if you’re working on a lengthy essay or dissertation. EasyBib generates those pesky citations by scanning a book’s barcode, so you just need to insert the information into your document. You can also select the style of the citation required, which can vary between your tutors.


No doubt you’ll already have a notetaking app on your phone. However, Notion is a cut above the rest.

Aside from taking notes, Notion also functions as a student planner app. It allows users to manage projects, create calendars, write a daily journal, plan travel itineraries, and loads more.

The sync ability is particularly useful – type on your phone or tablet and then access your notes on your laptop when writing the essay. Choose from templates across the Notion library too, to help organize your notes (and life) more efficiently.


For easier revision, you’ll want to download GoConqr, one of the best study apps available. Turn your notes into mind maps, flashcards, quizzes, slides and more, so you’re not just rereading your lecture scribbles.

If you’re part of a study group, you can also share your revision resources. Need some revision or learning inspiration? Explore the GoConqr library, which is packed with over 25 million resources from over 10 million members.

Best student dating apps

University is all about new experiences and encountering different personalities. Aside from the big hitters of Hinge, Tinder and Bumble, these lesser-known student dating apps are great for finding love and exploring sexual identities.


Happn is great for making those lecture or coffee-shop crushes come to something more. The app shows you profiles of people you’ve walked past recently or are likely to cross paths with, making it easy to arrange a date if you already live, work or socialize near to each other.


Find a date with other curious or open-minded people on Feeld, which shows profiles of people looking for threesomes, those looking to explore kinks, and people with non-traditional gender identities. Feeld offers the chance for young people to experience ethical alternative relationship structures, which other dating apps fall short on.


HER is one of the few dating apps for LGBTQ+ women, and they place a big emphasis on the importance of equality, inclusivity and empowerment. The free version allows users to filter profiles by age and distance, while premium accounts are able to alter their gender and sexual identity and relationship status preferences.

Best student living apps

Having housemates isn’t always easy, however, these apps for university students living together help ease some of the trickier situations.


Take the awkwardness out of asking housemates for money with Splitwise. The app lets you input shared expenses, giving options for how you want to divide the cost. An amount showing what you owe who and how much you’re owed will appear at the top, meaning you can easily keep track of things like cleaning products, communal food items, and even bills.


No more arguing over who needs to take out the bins or tidy the kitchen – Chorma helps split up household chores among flatmates and even features a satisfying tick box function for when you’ve completed a task.

White Noise

Noisy flatshare or university halls? White Noise lets you pick from over 40 different sounds, including rushing water and waves to relaxing spa music, allowing you to zone out and drift off to sleep. Wake up refreshed and avoid the need for awkward confrontation.

Find a place to call your own while you’re studying at university. From large house shares to individual flats, Pickard Properties student lettings are ideal for those attending uni in the Leeds area.

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