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The benefits of living in a large house share

We recently wrote about the benefits of living in a smaller property, but what about the perks of living in a large property with many housemates?

Sharing a house with lots of housemates might sound like an introvert’s worst nightmare, but many people can flourish in this environment, and it does deliver a variety of advantages.

We’ll take you through some of the enticing benefits of large house shares below.

A bigger house

If you’ve always dreamed of living in a vast, spacious house but couldn’t afford to do so alone, then a house share could make your dreams come true.

More housemates can also work in your favour when it comes to bathrooms, as larger properties tend to have multiple bathrooms and toilets, whereas many smaller houses have just one house bathroom. Say goodbye to the pre-work or pre-lecture bathroom battle!

On top of this, bigger properties are airier, which is a welcome bonus over the spring and summer months.

Finally, if you love making a place your own with decorations and soft furnishings, a larger house is ideal for this.

Cheaper living

Often, more housemates result in cheaper bills. This is especially the case if you are arranging your own bills and split them equally between all the tenants.

However, also bear in mind that more people using water and energy can result in a more substantial bill — so, if one person spends 40 minutes in the shower every morning, you need to have a gentle word in their ear!

Alongside the bills, with more housemates, you’ll each be paying less towards household items, such as laundry powder, cleaning products, toilet roll, and so on.

More knowledge

housemates in a large house share

They say it’s not what you know but who you know.

Whether you need a little help understanding your uni work or you’ve got a button that needs sewing back on, the chances are that you live with someone who can help.

Eight housemates mean eight sets of knowledge for you to explore.

More support

Whether you’re going through a period of poor mental health or you’ve just split up with your boyfriend, with lots of housemates you are bound to find the support you need.

Instead of heading home after a hard day to an empty house, those who live in a large house share are guaranteed to find someone hanging out in the kitchen or living room who they can chat to.

Less cleaning

The more people you live with, the more people the chores are divided between. This means that each person has less cleaning to do. Sounds good, right? The more housemates you have, the less often you have to vacuum or wash up the dishes!

With so many people, it’s worth drawing up a rota that everyone agrees on. Just make sure everyone sticks to it, and there’ll be no problems.

More parties

house party in large house share

There’s no guarantee but the chances are, living with more housemates results in more fun nights in and out. If you thrive in social situations, you will adore living with a bunch of people you’ll soon come to call friends (if you don’t already).

Likewise, if you’re more introverted than extroverted, the more housemates you have, the easier it will be to sneak off and enjoy some quiet time with nobody noticing!

If you’d like to find a professional house share or a student house share in Leeds, get in touch today!

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