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How to survive your final year of university

If you’re about to go into your final year of university, it is entirely normal to feel stressed and apprehensive about what is to come.

Although this year is bound to be more challenging than what you’re used to, there are many ways you can prepare for and survive your final year at university!

Keep reading for some tips on how to thrive as a final year student in Leeds or elsewhere.

Keep a list of important dates

Throughout your time at university, you will have experienced deadlines and, when it comes to your final year, there are a lot more important dates that you must keep track of.

Not only will you have your usual module due dates, but you’ll also have a tremendous amount of dissertation planning alongside draft submissions!

If you add all your due dates to a diary, calendar or journal at the start of your final year, you will be ahead of the game and give yourself plenty of time to get started.

Keeping track of important dates will also help you to avoid making plans that may clash with your deadlines.

Get into a routine

By creating a university routine, you will feel more organised and be able to plan ahead effectively.

Whether your new routine involves waking up at a specific time each day, creating a weekly meal plan, or working out every other day, you’ll adapt to your new habits and the year will fly by!

Be aware of the future

It is important not to stress about what you’re going to do next year before you’ve finished your final year.

However, be aware of graduate schemes, as they may open sooner than you think. If you’re hoping to bag yourself a graduate scheme position after your studies, it is better to research it as soon as you can and get applying.

We’re sure you are already well aware of this, but the time has come for your final year dissertation!

You mustn’t panic or frame your dissertation as a scary and unworkable task. By now, you’re extremely knowledgeable in your subject area, so your dissertation is a chance for you to collate that knowledge into one document that could educate others.

As we’ve already mentioned, knowing your deadlines is essential. So, be aware of what work you have coming up and how you can schedule effectively to make sure you meet each deadline.

Budget carefully

You’re not a fresher anymore, and it’s time to be careful with your money.

When you’ve completed this year of university, you’ll have a graduate debt, but don’t worry – you don’t start paying that back until you earn over a certain amount!

When we say be careful with your money, it doesn’t mean you have to isolate yourself and not do anything fun — just be mindful of what you are spending your money on.

If you’re earning a bit of money alongside your loan, why not save it? It could support you while you look for your first step on the career ladder.

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Concentrate on your health

When you’re swamped in uni work, it can be easy not to prioritise your health — both mental and physical. However, you must make sure you remain healthy in your final year.

Now is the most critical time to be operating to your full potential. So, make sure you try to get eight hours of sleep a night, eat a balanced diet (more than just pizza!), take your vitamins, and do some exercise.

Give yourself some free time

Your final year of university is going to feel intense, but you are allowed to give yourself some free time — in fact, we’d recommend you do.

Although you need to prioritise your work and have a routine, it’s no bad thing to give yourself a day off!

Whether you relax by spending time with your mates in the pub, with your housemates watching a film. or by reading a book on your own, you are entitled to some time out from your studies.

Make sure you have the right accommodation

Usually, students spend their first and second years partying, which can sometimes affect academic results.

However, when it comes to the third and final year at university, students tend to want to concentrate more and avoid distractions. After all, every mark counts this year.

In first and second year, you may have been in halls or a mixed house share of different ages.

It could be beneficial to your final year at university if you have space where you can study properly and not be distracted by parties.

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Enjoy it!

Finally, and most importantly, enjoy your final year of university.

Try to remember that your university days can be some of the best you ever experience, so don’t wish the time away.

It may seem stressful and never-ending, but it’ll all be worth it when you finish and can say you have a degree!

Have fun, work hard, and you’ll receive the rewarding results that you deserve.

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