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How to get the most out of living in Hyde Park

So you’ve got your results, picked your course and you’re ready to decide where it is you’re going to spend your first year of new-found freedom.

Or perhaps you’ve already spent a year in halls and are looking for somewhere new to call home.

Either way, there’s plenty of places in Leeds that offer excellent student accommodation, and you won’t be short on Leeds letting agents willing to help you find what’s right for you.

At Pickard Properties, we think one of the most popular and exciting places to live for students, whether you’re beginning your course or coming to the end of your university life, is Hyde Park.

Why Hyde Park?

There’s a few reasons Hyde Park has become the bustling student central it is today. Here are just a few of the top reasons why we think you should consider moving here:

Unlike halls, you have more choice over who you live with:
We know that there are plenty of benefits to living in student halls, particularly for first years.

However, one of the downsides to this is that you don’t really have any choice when it comes to who you’ll end up living with.

Accommodation in Hyde Park offers you more freedom to choose your own living arrangements.

From affordable one-bedroom flats to big houses you can share with your best friends, the choice is yours.

That’s student housing Hyde Park style!

It’s in a great location:

Being located at under two miles from both Leeds University and Leeds Becket University means that, no matter where you’ve chosen to study, you’ll never be more than a walk away from where you need to be.

And if you do need to venture further out, excellent transport links make travelling a breeze.

There’s a wide range of rent prices:

Hyde Park offers a wide range of accommodation options, which also means there’s a wide range of rent prices too.

So whether you’re on a tight budget (which, as students, is pretty likely) or you want to pay a little more for the best student houses Hyde Park has to offer, there’s plenty here to suit everyone.

Experiencing everything Hyde Park has to offer

If you do decide that this is the place for you, then there’s a wide array of benefits to living in the nerve center of Leeds’ student life.

Here’s just some of the fantastic advantages that life in Hyde Park has to offer:

The Hyde Park Picture House:

The legendary Hyde Park Picture House has been entertaining the good people of Leeds since 1914, and it shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.

Still as charming as the day it was built, it’s the perfect place to catch a classic or watch a modern hit of the silver screen.

Takeaways galore:

Are you even a student if you don’t burn through part of your overdraft gorging on takeaways?

In Hyde Park, this is a question you won’t have to worry about because there’s an incredible amount of fantastic takeaways on offer here, from Zulfi’s to Pitza Cano.

Many also stay open until very late: perfect for when you’ve come back from partying and need a kebab to finish off your night

The East Village:

When you’re a student living in the center of Leeds, there’s no shortage of wonderful places to grab a drink or three.

However, there’s something special about The East Village: a cocktail bar tucked away near the Picture House.

Its ultra cool ambience makes it the ideal student hangout spot and their passion for exceptional mixology puts them ahead of the pack.

Brudenell Social Club:

They describe themselves as “Beer, Music, Crisps, Fun, Etc.” Well, what more could you possibly want?

It’s everything a great pub and gig venue should be rolled into one, with up and coming artists to legendary bands all finding a home at this modest but mighty cultural gem.

And as great as all of these examples are, the real thrill of living in Hyde Park comes from being smack bang in the heart of student life in Leeds.

If a party, event or any kind of student happening is going on, there’s a pretty good chance it’s right here.

And if not, you’ll almost certainly hear about it. Living in Hyde Park gives you the best opportunity to seize every experience of your university life.

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