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A quick guide to Freshers’ Week in Leeds 2021

As you know, this year has been a year like no other — except perhaps 2020, that is!

However, as part of the UK’s ‘return to normal’, most universities are returning to in-person teaching this academic year, and those of you who completed your A levels recently are heading to university for your first year.

University life differs significantly from your ordinary home life, and what better way to introduce you to your new situation than a big friendly welcome?

Let’s talk about Freshers’ Week!

What is Freshers’ Week?

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Freshers’ Week is designed to welcome new students to their university and get them out and about, exploring the campus, learning about their course, meeting new people and making friends.

This week generally takes place in September, once all new students have arrived and before teaching begins.

Your university and university union will provide a wealth of events and activities for you to choose from, including nights out and taster sessions for various clubs and societies.

When is Freshers’ Week?

This year, most Fresher events will take place in Leeds between 19 September and 3 October.

How much does Freshers’ Week cost?

Many students like to know up-front how much Freshers’ Week will cost them — after all, you’re living on a tight budget and the money you have in your account now usually has to last you all term.

You’ll be glad to know that how much you spend during Freshers’ Week is entirely up to you.

If your university offers Freshers’ Week wristbands, grab one as these cover entry to many events for a small price.

Set yourself a budget per day or for the week if you’re concerned about spending, and head back to halls or your student house share when your budget is reached.

What is happening at my university’s Freshers’ Week?

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Take a look at your university below to find links for everything you need to know.

University of Leeds

Freshers’ Week start date: 19 September 2021.

To keep up-to-date, you might want to follow the student union’s official social media accounts:

Leeds Beckett University

Freshers’ Week start date: 19 September 2021.

The student union’s official social media accounts will carry up-to-date information:

Leeds Trinity University

Freshers’ Week start date: 26 September 2021.

Get excited for Freshers’ Week now by following the Leeds Trinity student union’s social media accounts:

Final thoughts

Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, a week of partying will take its toll, so don’t feel the need to attend every club night your university puts on.

Mix the partying up with settling in, exploring the campus, attending other activities, and getting to know your new neighbours or housemates.

Please don’t feel pressured to drink or do anything you’re uncomfortable with, either; set boundaries and stick to them.

For further information about Freshers’ Week in general, such as how to prepare and what to do other than party, take a look at our guide to surviving Freshers’ Week.

Once Freshers’ Week is over and reality dawns, you might start to feel homesick. If so, check out our blog post on how to cope with homesickness at university.

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