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What is a house share?

We’ve all heard the phrase “sharing is caring”, which could be why more renters opt to go into a house share. However, factors such as lower rent and sociable living could also contribute to the popularity of house shares.

In the past, house shares were directly linked with students. As time has progressed, however, shared accommodation is no longer limited to certain groups and is considered a more long term renting option.

This article will focus on different types of house shares and the benefits of living with others.

Are there different types of house shares?

Now more than ever, renters have a huge amount of choice. Whether you’re searching for an apartment for yourself, or if you merely like the idea of sharing with others, you have a variety of properties to choose from.

When focusing on shared accommodation, there are different types of house shares available on the renting market.

Below we have listed the various house share options, so you can determine which is right for you.

House of multiple occupation (HMO)

A house of multiple occupation, also known as a HMO, refers to at least three renters living somewhere that creates one full household.

Renters should have their own bedroom in this option but share communal areas such as the kitchen, living room, and bathroom.

Two sharers

It is extremely common for two people to rent shared accommodation. Two renters will usually live in a two-bedroom property and share communal spaces such as the living room kitchen and bathroom.

A room from a live-in landlord

Often, a landlord will rent out a bedroom in their home. Renters can live in this room and share communal areas such as the kitchen and bathroom with the landlord. In some cases, the landlord will live with their family, so the renter will live with them too.

Which type of house share should I choose?

Choosing a house share is completely dependent on the living experience you want.

If you’re only looking to move into a house share to save money, it might be better to share with only one other person. This way, you get your personal space and don’t have a lot of people around you.

On the other hand, if you’re moving into a house share for the social experience, you may be better suited to a house of multiple occupation. This option is the best of both worlds; you get a bedroom for your own space and benefit socially from the communal areas, all while saving money.

What are the benefits of living in a house share?

There are many benefits of living in a house share, and it is a chance for you to learn more about yourself and other people.

Below are some positive aspects to living in a house share.

It’s cheaper

The biggest advantage of renting a room in a house share instead of another property is the lower cost. In simple terms, you’re paying for your own room instead of a full property. If you’re on a tight budget, a house share could fit your situation perfectly.

In addition to saving money on rent, you can also save money on household necessities. Cleaning supplies, toilet rolls, and other essentials that’ll need everyone to split the cost.

The chores are shared

In reality, cleaning isn’t the best task to undertake and can often be tough to keep on top of if you live on your own.

When you move into a house share, you can create a cleaning rota to share the chores and make sure everyone pulls their own weight.

Landlords are responsible for property emergencies

When you live in a house share, if there are any property emergencies, whether it be appliances gone wrong or other issues, it is the landlord or estate agents’ responsibility to communicate properly and fix (dependant on your contract).

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You can be as social as you like

When you live in a house share, you can be as social as you want to be. If you want to spend a lot of time with your housemates or you want to sit in your room and watch Netflix, you can do whatever you choose on the day.

In shared accommodation, people have mutual respect for others‘ personal space and everyone should understand an individual’s decisions of how social they want to be.

It is possible that you’ll become close friends with those that you live with and carry those friendships with you throughout your life!

House shares are available in great locations

Often, the best areas to live in can be quite expensive, especially if you’re focusing on being close to a university. By choosing shared accommodation, the costs are split, and you have the opportunity to live in the best location for your individual needs.

It helps ease you into independent life

Living in a house share is a perfect way to take the first step of moving away from home. You can experience responsibility through bills, rent and budgeting, but don’t have the stress of doing it completely alone.

Having your first taste of independence can be a daunting experience. A house share can provide you with comfort and less pressure due to the shared tasks.

Final thoughts

Moving into a house share is a new experience that can ease you into independence. You can save money, make new friends, and have your own space all at the same time.

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