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Tulips sprouting out of the soil in early Spring

What’s happening in Leeds this spring

Leeds is a city with a lot going on. At pretty much any time of the year, you’ll find enough shows, gigs and activities to fill the needs of even the most dedicated culture vulture. However, there is something that little bit extra special about spring, when Leeds’ long list of fun things to do seems to come into full bloom.

There’s far too much to include here, so view this list as a quick overview of some of the exciting things available in Leeds this spring and know that there’s plenty more where they came from.

Chelsea Flower Show

flower garden
Beautiful flower gardens

One thing that Leeds doesn’t get enough credit for is just how beautiful the city is. It has a wonderful mixture of blossoming metropolitan city with stunning greenery. Even its buildings are terrifically diverse, which is why looking for properties to rent in Leeds can offer so much variety. And the Chelsea Flower Show offers the opportunity for the city to show off its spectacular gardens, which are of course most special in spring. These include the specialist gardens at Roundhay Park, opposite the Roundhay Fox Pub.

The Great British Food Festival

Another one of Leeds’ great loves has to be its vibrant foodie culture. Having spent years building itself up as a culinary hotspot – a position which was further cemented by the addition of street food aficionados Trinity Kitchen – it’s now an undoubtable part of the city’s DNA. The Great British Food Festival, which is held at the historic Harewood House, lets visitors enjoy a taste of the city and takes place towards the end of May.

Spring music

music gig
Leeds hosts music gigs across many venues throughout spring

Going to gigs in general is a great way to get to know people if you’re new to the city or have recently moved into student digs, particularly if you’ve opted for one of the city’s many house shares or have moved into Leeds university accommodation, where a love of music can bring student strangers together. There’s far too many gigs in the city for us to pick just one for you to see, but Leeds Beckett University, Leeds University and the Brudenell Social Club all offer great musical performances throughout the year with spring being no exception.

North Leeds Charity Beer Festival

And what other way is best to bring people together? Well, that would have to be over a couple of drinks of course. The great thing about beer festivals is the fact that getting a bit merry isn’t an overindulgence here: it’s practically expected, as how else are you to fully appreciate those local breweries and all their hard work? There’s a few beer festivals throughout the year but we’re going to have to go with North Leeds Charity Beer Festival as it’s not just a great festival, but with money raised for projects throughout the local area, it’s also a great cause.

beer festival

Gung Ho!

Do you want to go on the largest inflatable obstacle course in the world? We’re being silly, of course you do. Gung Ho! is a super fun 5k experience that will test your metal while also being a barrel of laughs. Some people do it for a good cause, while others do it just for fun. It runs on the 19th of May in Leeds and is a great way to forge some unforgettable bouncy memories.

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