About the Development of Spinning Acres

Spinning Acres is one of the most popular rental destinations in the Leeds area.  From its launch, there has been no end of enquiries about rental accommodation in this location, which is so handy for local shops and eateries, yet is only three miles to the northwest of Leeds city centre. Renters at Spinning Acres adore the tranquil, leafy location and its luxuriously appointed properties are sought after by a diverse age group.

Far Headingley

Reaching this stage has required several boxes to be ticked:

Firstly, apart from assembling a highly talented, innovative and committed design team, was the need for a sympathetic restoration plan for the site.
Secondly, we needed to create stunning, contemporary designs for new build apartments and family town houses, which would have wide-ranging appeal.
Additionally, was our ability to ensure that the overall concept not only complied with planning and conservation area challenges but would also allay any fears held by local people that this leafy parkland was about to be ruined by over-development and inappropriate housing.

What makes Spinning Acres special

The team behind Spinning Acres has much in common. Aside from working together on other schemes over the years, being highly experienced in their individual fields, and being local people with a vested interest in this part of the city — from the outset, we have all been committed to ensuring that Spinning Acres was an award-winning private rental scheme, providing homes in Leeds that people love. 
Its enduring popularity with our renters since its launch in 2018 – and several property awards later – we have set the benchmark high and remain committed to ensuring we maintain our market leading position in the private rented sector with future phases of Spinning Acres.

Originally a separate village, Far Headingley became joined to the rest of Leeds when wealthy industrialists, mostly working in the field of textile manufacture and responsible for spearheading the industrial revolution in this area of Yorkshire, constructed huge mansions and villas outside the smog of the city.

Still blessed today with street after street of beautifully proportioned early Victorian houses and terraces as well as some 18th century cottages, it is pleasing to see how leafy and green this part of the city remains where many of the houses share communal gardens.

In fact, it seems that no two houses are the same in Far Headingley, which merely adds to its charm — every terrace has its own distinctive character, reflecting the personal taste of its Victorian architects.

The name Spinning Acres therefore takes its inspiration from the textile industry. The design of our brand icon resembles the fields and acres of land from which Far Headingley evolved — where the stone and brick villas on the east side of Otley Road, north of Hollin Road and Glen Road, were located entirely in the open countryside until the 20th century.

Delve deeper into the history of Far Headingley, including the Spinning Acres site.

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